solvent structure analysis program

Bernhard Rupp rupp1 at
Thu Sep 12 20:25:38 EST 1996

I think I can help you. I have a program that does exactly that, radial
distribution function and water geometry.
Contact me at rupp1 at
Thx, BR

>Dear colleagues,
>Before I start programming it myself.....I am looking for programs that can
>perform analyses on the solvent structure in a refined protein structure. In
>particular I am looking for programs that calculate a radial distribution of
>the waters and count for each water molecule the number of neighbour
>connections taking into account symmetry operations.
>Does anyone of you have such programs or is aware of any? Authorship will of
>course be appropriately recognized.
>Nick Blom
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>Departement de Biochimie	    Fax  : +1-514-3432210
>Universite de Montreal		    Email: nick at
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