Phase separation

diane h peapus diane at
Sun Sep 8 22:38:02 EST 1996

>    If you were talking about the oily blobs that separate out of solution,
> then I think we are really talking about the protein sequestering elements
> of the mother liquor into separate organic and aqueous phases.  In that case,
> please try adding some small amphipillic substance, like a little bit of
> ethanol.

   Sorry to inundate the group with posts, but I forgot to add....

   adding ethanol has never worked for me in preventing phase separation.
What has worked, however, was leaving the things alone for some number of
years and going back to find protein crystals in the oily phase droplets.

   Try to open up the prep and manipulate the droplets so they sequester
into one big droplet... that way you get more protein molecules in the
drop and larger likelihood of bigger crystals.

have fun
diane h peapus

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