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Robert D Scavetta scavetta at XTREME.UCR.EDU
Tue Sep 17 11:28:51 EST 1996

To all cryocrystallographers,

Sorry if this doesn't meet the mail group topics format.

We are doing some cryocrystallography and we are experiencing icing on the
goniometer head.  We have constructed a heat shield which is basically an
aluminum cone shape shield that goes over the goniometer head and is covered
with some thermoconductive epoxy which has nichrome wire imbedded in it.  We
are have some problems with overheating and cracking of the epoxy.

Do you have icing problems?

How have you taken care of it?

Can one get a "heat shield" from a commercial source?

Everyone's experiences are greatly welcomed.

Robert D Scavetta
Dr. Frances Jurnak's Laboratory
Department of Biochemistry
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