growing better crystals and thanks

Tue Sep 24 12:56:33 EST 1996

Thanks to all the folks who took time to respond to my last inquiry 
about mounting crystals.  Now another matter. I have two forms of my 
crystal: one with cofactor and one with sustrate.  The former grows as a 
thin rectangular plate.  I can see the edge but otherwise the crystals 
are quite thin.  I was told thin crystals are not useful for x-ray 
analysis.  Now I am trying to grow these crystls fatter but it's not 
working.  I've tried grids around the original condition, varying the pH 
and salt and precipitant concentrations.  Any suggestions would be 
greatly appreciated.  My other crystals grow as rectagular boxes that 
are pointy at one end and hollow at the other.  What causes that 
hollowness?  It looks strange.  Thanks again.--john        

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