Crystal Growth Flight Opportunities - early Oct deadline

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Subject: Crystal Growth Flight Opportunities
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Guest Co-Investigator proposals are being solicited for upcoming Space Shuttle 
and Mir flight opportunities utilizing newly developed protein crystal growth 
hardware.  The purpose of this experiment series is the production of high 
quality protein crystals for application in macromolecular structure 
determination and refinement and for further delineating the role of 
microgravity.  Approximately 400-800 sample chambers are available in this 
hardware for each flight.  The crystallization method is by a standardized 
vapor diffusion technique, employing sample volumes which may range from 
approximately 10 to 40 microliters.  In addition, there will be approximately 
162 sample chambers available for long duration Mir experiments utilizing
the dialysis technique of crystallization.  Samples are not necessarily 
restricted to proteins.  Potential candidates may represent crystal forms 
which present unique problems such as sedimentation, limited diffraction 
quality, or limited growth that may be alleviated by crystallization in a 
microgravity environment.

Applicants will be required to submit a brief proposal in the suggested 
format, describing the need for microgravity crystallization of the 
candidate protein.  Applications will be reviewed by an objective committee 
and judged on the basis of suitability of the proposal for a flight 
experiment.  Note: Applicants utilizing microgravity to augment structure 
determinations involving research previously funded through peer review 
will be given priority.  International involvement is encouraged.

The principal investigator for this project is Dr. Daniel C. Carter 
of Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

For proposal information concerning the protein crystal growth flight 
opportunities, please call Jenny Chapman (205-544-3885) or e-mail at
jenny.chapman at

Proposals are TIME CRITICAL (early October deadlines), so please do not 

Jenny Chapman
Laboratory for Structural Biology
Marshall Space Flight Center/NASA

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