beta testers sought

David Wild wild at
Thu Apr 3 20:29:20 EST 1997


We are looking for "beta testers" for our software package "XScape".
The eventual aim of the project is to integrate a number of
existing crystallographic programs into a common environment
with graphical user interfaces and data visualization tools.

The initial version provides GUI's for the principal CCP4 programs
used for MIR, MR and map calculation, together with some visualization
tools for CCP4 format maps and  PDB files, and has been built with the
AVS/Express development environment. Earlier versions of the software
are described in the Journal of Molecular Graphics, 13:291-298, 1995
and in the proceedings of the IUCR Computing School, Bellingham, 1996:

At the moment only an SGI Irix 5.3 binary is available (may work on Irix
6.x but no 
guarantees). If you don't have access to an AVS/Express licence 
(Developer's or Visualization Edition), a 30 day demo licence 
will be available through AVS Inc (

If you are interested in testing the software please send email,
including details of your SGI hardware (output of "hinv") and IRIX
version to
wild at


David Wild

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