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>Subject: molecular replacement...
>Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 19:30:29 -0500
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>hey all,
>           i'm planning to crsytallize and solve the structure of the
>protein that i'm working on.  there are no homologous structures that
>hve been reported for my protein.  but i would like to take advantage of
>the fact that i have a thioredoxin fusion protein and the structure of
>the thioredoxin protein has been determined.  my protein is 52.5 kDa and
>the thioredoxin is ~11.6 kDa, making the total mass of my fusion protein
>at around 64.1 kDa.  I would like to know how much homology i need to be
>able to reliably use the solved structure of the thioredoxin (comprising
>abour 18% of the fusion protein) as molecular replacement to solve the
>structure of my protein???  i want to know this in hopes of avoiding
>doing heavy atom derivatives (or is that just too inevitable)...please
>email to sai at .  thanks much...

Better start soaking your crystals.  We had a MR solution for 50 kDa out of
80kDa in the asymmetric unit and still had to rely on heavy atoms to aid in

Perhaps you can take advantage of the strategy used to solve the thioredoxin
structure, whatever that was...


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