setting up O and xplor

Qingping Xu xu at
Wed Apr 16 19:55:43 EST 1997

Setup O and Xplor is quite easy stuff. However, first you 
need to pay a few hundred dollars for xplor, o is free but need
license. Anyway, by setup crystallographic software is 
easy most of the cases. Sometimes, some freebies are hard to 
to imported to your platform, especially if your hardware is
ahead of the software. 

xu at

john gately wrote:
> Folks--Our lab has purchased an SGI for running refinement and modelling
> programs.  We purchased liscences for O and xplor.  By default, the
> responsibility for setting up these programs has become mine.  However,
> I am strictly an amateur at Unix, having rudimentary knowledge of the
> basic commands, their variations, and vi.  Could any kind soul out there
> coach me through this process?  Please send along your email address if
> you don't mind the bother.  I also would like to thank all the generous
> people who have taken time in the past to answer other questions that I
> posted here.  Sincerely--John G. Luz

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