choosing amino acids for site specific mutations

marilyn yoder myoder at VIEWER.BLS.UMKC.EDU
Thu Apr 17 15:03:26 EST 1997


after some discussion with a resident gene jock, i was wondering if anyone
knows of a review, or other general article, concerning how to make decisions
on what to mutate a given amino acid to.  (please forgive the sentence
structure. i'm sure the grammer is incorrect, but every change i make i end up
losing meaning.)  in other words, given a specific amino acid, what are the
best choices to mutate into another one.

he has a protein, of unknown function and structure, in which they  have
identified conserved amino acids.  i was asked which amino acid i would chose
to substitute at a given position. although i gave him what i thought was some
really good advice, :) , they were in reality pure guesses.  i was wondering if
anyone has compiled any words of wisdom or experience on the subject.

many thanks,

marilyn yoder

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