virus in attached documents

Lachlan Cranswick lachlan at
Sun Apr 20 02:31:03 EST 1997

>stuff snipped here
>> which seems to contain the "Ripper" virus (whatever that might be). As 
>> the text of the message seems innocent enough (regarding 
>> crystallization), you might get lulled into a sense of false security. 
>> I haven't actually tracked the virus down to this message *yet*, but it 
>> is the only new file on my PC that I haven't created in the last couple 
>> of weeks.
>A little more information on this; 

>I've just tried re-infecting with the document and it doesn't seem to be 
>carrying the virus. I must have picked it up somewhere else.

>I offer my public apologies to the senders of the original message.

These macro viruses attached to MS-Word files seem endemic around the place.
I have received them from at least 4 different "reputable" sources.  As many
of the anti-viral packages are of variable quality in detecting and deleting 
them; one solution which seems to work is not updating from Word for Windows 
2.0c, combined with a Word 6 converter.  When opening a Word6 file in Word 2, 
it is converted to a Word 2 format elliminating the macros in the process.  
Word 2 also seems friendlier to use and much faster to run.  Word 2 doc files 
are non-infectious - so I am told.

I normally find out later from the source that the file had a virus.  Any flaws
in this anti-virual strategy are appreciated. :-)



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