AMoRe Version 3.96 ...

Manuel Than than at
Wed Apr 30 08:25:26 EST 1997

Dear Crystallographers,

	I have the following two questions concerning the new AMoRe Version
3.96 (standalone version):

	1.) Does anybody know what the additional columns in the
roting/traing/fitting outputs contain (besides corr-fac. & R-fac.) in
the new version.

	2.) I am trying to compute a locked cross rotation function for a
replacement problem. I used the (very brief) instructions regarding
locked rotation functions in the AMoRe documentation. However, the
resulting or1.s doesn't contain any corr-fac's or R-fac's anymore and I
have a hard time finfing out what the program really does with this
input. Does anybody have (or know of) any description/handbook for the
standalone AMoRe, which is a little more descriptive than the one coming
with the software or does anybody have a running inputs for locked
rotation functions in AMoRe?

	I would appreciate any help regarding these two questions,

			Manuel Than

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