Monomers needed (not in PDB)

Jan Hansen janhan at
Thu Aug 21 07:38:32 EST 1997

Dear Crystallographers

Monomeric protein coordinates not in PDB needed urgently!

We are currently making a non-redundant 
dataset of complete (no fragment or single domains)
monomeric proteins for prediction of surface/buried state
of amino acids in globular proteins.

Currently there is only ~120 of these in PDB release #80
according to our redundancy criteria 

If you have or know any crystallographic data
(resolution < 2.5 AA) on such monomeric proteins
not submitted or yet released by the
brookhaven protein databank PDB
we are very interested in such coordinates.

We have performed this request earlier but the yield
was only 3 proteins!

Your work will be properly cited
and the information regarded as strictly 

Many thanks in advance


with kind regards

Jan Hansen

Center for Biological Sequence Analysis
Department of Chemistry
The Technical University of Denmark
Building 206
DK-2800 Lyngby

Phone:  +45 4525 2485 
Fax:    +45 4593 4808
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