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Postdoctoral Research Associate Protein Crystallography

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Location: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX
Start Date: Immediately
Description: Postdoctoral positions are available to study the structure and function of proteins and enzymes. Several
different proteins and enzymes are currently under investigation. This study includes complexes of these proteins/enzymes
with a variety of ligands (e.g., substrate and transition-state analogs, inhibitors, drugs, RNA, DNA, antigens, metals,
water molecules) and mutant proteins. This is an excellent facility, containing state of the art equipment and laboratories.
Structure Analysis: 2 New area detectors( Siemens 2Kx2K CCD & MACScience DIP-2030 2-imaging plate system)
Computer Facilities: Excellent computer facilities featuring biomedical computation and visualization laboratory, consisting
of 24 processor SGI Onyx2 Supercomputer with 4 infinite reality graphic pipelines. Other computers include 3 Indigo2
R10000 and 4 other SGI workstations/servers. Other Facilities: Biomedical and molecular biology labs, completely
equipped for cloning, over-expression, purification and characterization of proteins. 
Please submit: Please submit C.V. and 3 references.
Person to contact: Dr. F. A. Quiocho
Surface mail address: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Baylor College o Medicine, Houston TX., 77030
Email address: xray at

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