Studentship in crystallography (canada)

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Wed Aug 27 10:50:18 EST 1997

Applications are invited for an MRC studentship to study
crystallography and enzymology of steroid enzymes.  As a member of our
research team, the first to crystallize the human oestrogenic 17ß-HSD,
you will take on new challenges to design new therapeutic agents to
inhibit and modulate the levels of sexual hormones.  Our research
consists in crystallization and determination of the structure of
certain iso-enzymes from the 17ß-HDS family. 

 The student will learn enzyme preparation, dynamic light scattering,
structure determination and molecular modelization.  He/she will be
helped in their studies by qualified researchers.  This work will be
carried out in Dr. Sheng-Xiang Lin's laboratory at the Laval
University Research Center's new facility with state-of-the-art
equipment in a highly interactive environment.

 Candidates should send a detailed C.V. by mail or fax (418-654-2761)
to:  Dr. Sheng-Xiang Lin, Laboratoire d'Endocrinologie Moléculaire,
Centre de recherche du CHUL, 2705, boulevard Laurier, Québec (Québec),
Canada, G1V 4G2.  
For more information, call 418-654-2296 or send an e-mail at
sxlin at

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