Problems with thin protein crystals

Steffen Graether steffen at crystal
Mon Feb 24 06:50:16 EST 1997


	We have been able to get thin (>0.05 mm) crystals that grow
relatively well in the other two dimensions, but this results in weak
diffraction patterns (~5000 s exposure per frame). Coventional seeding
techniques fail. Could anyone provide suggestions and ideas on how I could
grow thicker crystals?
	In addition, the diffraction pattern across the top and bottom of 
the frame have reflections that are badly split (more like smears), 
while those across the middle are round. Can anyone suggest a way to 
reject the poor areas of the frame so that we could extract the good 
data? We use mainly denzo and scalepack but mosflm and ccp4 are also 

Many thanks,

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