Postdoctoral position available

Joseph Kraut joek at
Wed Feb 26 14:13:25 EST 1997

A postdoctoral position is available immediately for an
experienced protein crystallographer to continue and extend
our structure-function studies on human DNA polymerase beta
(see Biochemistry 35, pp. 12742-12787 (1996)).  In addition
to the structures described in the references, we already
have a newly solved crystal form of the enzyme complexed
with DNA containing a single nucleotide gap and a bound
dNTP.  Our immediate objective is further to investigate the
structural basis of the nucleotidyl transfer reaction, base
selectivity (fidelity) and the DNA translocation mechanism
by varying the precise composition of these crystals. 
Other protein structural projects are also underway,
depending on our ability to grow suitable crystals.
We are seeking a person with a high degree of initiative
and a preference for independent work.  Our research group
is small, but well equipped with its own area-detector
diffractometer, two SGI graphics computers and protein
preparation facilities. Not the least important consideration
is that La Jolla is an exceptionally stimulating scientific
community, with several neighboring protein crystallographic
laboratories and with the world's best weather.

Please send your CV and names of 2 references to:
   Prof. Joseph Kraut
   Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
   University of California, San Diego
   La Jolla, CA 92093-0506

   e-mail: jkraut at
   phone: 619-534-3366
   fax: 619-822-0346

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