Processing With Denzo

Ashley Deacon ash at
Thu Jan 9 20:25:53 EST 1997

Hi Chris,

The problems you observe are almost certainly related to the use
of cryocooling and are probably indicative of some major changes
upon freezing. Other relevant questions are:

	Did you observe any increase in resolution for the low 
	temperature data? 

	How well did the crystals freeze - was 
	there any dramatic increase in mosaicity?

	What is the Matthews number / solvent content for your protein?

	What is the morphology of the crystal and how does this relate
	to the cell axes and the changes you observe?

	Have you tried merging or scaling room temperature and low
	temperature data and are they isomorphous (Both in Scalepack and 		/ or
with SCALEIT - CCP4)?

	How are the Rmerge statistics for the low temperature 
	synchrotron data compared with the room temperature?

	Do you have the structure of this protein?

Questions, questions...

Hope you find the answers,


Ashley Deacon.

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