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>         We are considering the purchase of a light-scattering
> instrument as an aid to crystallization.  We would be very interested
> to hear:
>         1. comments on the usefulness of the technique
>         2. recommendations for/against specific types of scattering
>                 instruments

We've been using ProteinSolutions' DynaPro 801 light scattering machine
for about 3 years and we've been very satisfied with the performance. 
Dynamic light scattering is a great way to monitor aggregation in a
crystallization sample.  Our own results match those in the literature: 
in general, monodispersity (absence of aggregation) is a requirement for
successful crystallization of macromolecules.

Advantages of DynaPro 801:  very fast and easy to use, excellent support
from ProteinSolutions.  There's a new model available which allows one to
use smaller sample volumes (20 instead of 150-200 microliters) while
providing higher sensitivity.

Web site for ProteinSolutions:   

We also considered Wyatt Technology's Dawn light scattering machines
before we made our purchase.  We decided in favor of ProteinSolutions
because of their emphasis on macromolecular samples and the ease of use. 
Wyatt's machine seemed to be geared towards polymer analysis and the
results required more interpretation (note:  Wyatt's web site does show
use of their machines with macromolecules).  The Dawn machines from Wyatt
did have certain advantages:  can be used online with a chromatography
system, uses multi-angle laser scattering to allow absolute molecular
weight determination).  

Wyatt Technology web site can be found at <>

Hope this helps.

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Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics
ETH-Honggerberg (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
8093 Zurich, Switzerland
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