JOBs in Protein Crystallography

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Fri Jan 17 12:12:17 EST 1997

Protein crystallographers at the Astra Structural Chemistry Laboratory

The Astra Structural Chemistry Laboratory is currently being built for 
the Astra Group at the Astra Hassle site near Gothenburg, Sweden. The 
mission of the laboratory is to provide the projects of the Astra 
product companies with structural information on macromolecular targets 
of therapeutic interest.  It is projected to be operational during 1998, 
with a staff of about 20 scientists.

The scientific disciplines initially available at the Laboratory will be 
protein crystallography, high-field NMR spectroscopy, and protein 
biochemistry / molecular biology.

The Head of protein crystallography (Tomas Lundqvist) has recently been 
appointed,  and we are now looking for experienced and motivated 
PhD-level co-workers for the crystallography group.

Inquiries should be directed to Tomas Lundqvist, +46 31 776 2414, email 
tomas.lundqvist at or to Bob Carter, +46 31 776 1621.
(FAX:  +46 31 776 3792)

For more information about Astra;

Applications marked  10/97, Crystallographer  should be sent before 
February 21, 1997 to Astra Hassle AB, Human Resources, Att. Victoria 
Barkby, S-431 83 Molndal, Sweden.  FAX:  +46 31 776 3746.


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