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Marc Delarue delarue at
Fri Jan 24 06:35:48 EST 1997

I am looking for a post doc. starting April 1997.

The candidate will work on structural studies of specific
domains of peptide synthetases, including a newly identified
one, called the elongation domain.
Soluble and overexpressed proteins are available in large quantities.

Alternatively, large amounts of NMP kinases from bacteria are also
available in large amounts, with a high degree of purity.

The X-Ray equipment is shared with two other groups on the same floor.
The lab is well equipped with two rotating anodes and a MAR image
plate mounted on each of them.
There are three SGI workstations graphics work and a number of
DEC alpha workstations, connected also with a DEC alpha 800 server on
campus. In addition there is good equipment for crystallization
and protein purification, as well as collaborations with other
groups in molecular biology on campus.

Located in the center of Paris, the Institut Pasteur
provides an excellent environment for both scientific and personal

I would be primarily interested in somebody with a good background in
biochemistry, strong experience in crystallization and willing to go on
with the actual structure determination.

The candidate is expected to apply to specific Pasteur sources
of support for post-doctoral positions.
The deadline of application for Pasteur grants is Feb, the 21th.

Immunologie Structurale,
Institut Pasteur,
25 rue du Dr Roux,
Paris, FRANCE.

E-mail: delarue at
Phone: (33) 01 45 68 86 05

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