software to print my maps?

diane h peapus diane at
Fri Jan 24 01:15:30 EST 1997

Greetings All:

   I'm looking for software to print Patterson maps generated by
PROTEIN using SGI to a postcript printer.  I have software to print
Patterson maps generated by CCP4 and have tried MAPMAN to convert
PROTEIN -> CCP4 formated maps, so that I can print them, but this
hasn't worked (MAPMAN manual says that PROTEIN input format is
not tested, so I guess I just tested it).  Of course, I could just
regenerate my maps using CCP4, but since we have PROTEIN, it would
be nice to actually support the printing of it's output as well.  
I've tried searching the web for downloadable software, but web
searches are prohibitively slow from this side of the planet. 
   Anyrate, so I've tried a few sources and haven't found what I
need.  Anybody out there know where I can get such a program?

   thanks in advance
   diane h peapus

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