PhD Scholarship in protein crystallography (Massey University, New Zealand)

Geoffrey B. Jameson G.B.Jameson at
Sun Jan 26 16:46:22 EST 1997

Attention: The following is relevant only to citizens of New Zealand, 
           Australia, France and Germany

The structural biology laboratory at Massey University has a 
post-graduate (PhD) scholarship for research leading to the PhD degree on 
a project supported by the Marsden Fund of New Zealand on "The Structural 
Biology of Enzymes with Iron in Non-Redox Roles." The stipend is 
NZ$12,000 per annum (tax-exempt) and full student fees of about $15,000 
per annum are waived for New Zealand students and students from countries 
with which New Zealand maintains reciprocity (Australia, France and 

Applications are invited from persons holding an upper-level Honours or a 
Masters degree in Science who have an enthusiasm for research and 
interests in protein structure and function. The laboratory is 
well-equipped for all aspects of protein crystallography, including 
proteins purification, crystallisation and data collection (image 
plate, rotating anode) at low temperature. In addition, there is access 
to synchrotron sources and molecular biology facilities.

Further details and information on making an application can be obtained 
from either Geoff Jameson (G.B.Jameson at or Ted Baker  
(T.Baker at General information about the Departments of 
Chemistry and Biochemistry can be found at the webb site

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