X-Ray Data Collection, Offer of Service

Dr Sheng-Xiang Lin Sheng-Xiang.Lin at crchul.ulaval.ca
Tue Jan 28 16:11:48 EST 1997

Offer of Service for X-Ray Data Collection 

The Molecular Endocrinology Laboratory offers you the possibility to use
its crystallography equipment for obtaining the diffraction measurement
data you need to determine the tridimensional structure of your proteins
or other macromolecules.  Technical assistance will also be available,
according to your needs.

The available equipment includes:

* A 12kW rotating anode X-ray generator (Rigaku RU-200)
* An R-AXIS IIc Image Plate detector
* Silicon Graphics Indigo2 computers
* Software for processing your data 

A maintenance fee will be applicable.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Sheng-Xiang Lin
Tel (418) 654-2296
Quebec City, Canada

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