Oxford Cryostream Users Meeting

Donald Goodwin dg at charles.supper.com
Wed Jul 2 09:55:26 EST 1997

Dear Oxford Cryostream Users

As distributors of the Oxford Cryostream Cooler in the US, Charles
Supper Co are organising the first Oxford Cryostream Users Group
meeting for participants of the ACA in St Louis in July.  This
informal meeting will be held at lunch time on Wednesday 23rd July,
don't worry we plan to provide some lunch for users!

The plan is to get together to discuss issues such as:

-  Sample icing
-  Ice blocks and Line Driers
-  Diaphragm pump and gas leaks
-  Maintenance and servicing
-  Ideas for future developments

If you have any other issues you wish discussed, please let us know in


We understand that not all of you will be attending the meeting, but
if you have colleagues who are going, please let them know about the
meeting and perhaps give them your questions.

I look forward to seeing you in St Louis.

Best regards,

Charles Supper Company, Incorporated
Donald E. Goodwin
email: dg at charles-supper.com

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