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Post advertised in Nature, 388 (6638)        10th July 1997

University                      Department of Biochemistry
 of Leeds                         and Molecular Biology

   Two Research Fellowships in Structural Biology

Two post-doctoral  fellowships are available immediately 
for fixed terms of 3 and 1.5 years respectively to study 
the  structure and function  of nucleotidyl transferases 
(human terminal  transferase, mammalian  polymerase beta,
and yeast poly(A) polymerase). Our studies are based upon
X-ray crystallographic  and  recombinant  methods in con-
junction  with homology modelling  with the aim to further
our understanding of this enzyme family and to develop more
specific  chain-terminating chemotherapeutical agents. For
more information about the research projects, please visit
the website at

Facilities in a new purpose built Research Centre include
state-of-the-art laboratories for  X-ray crystallography,
large-scale bacterial growth and nucleic acid and protein
purification  and analysis. Instrumentation available for
structural studies include two area detectors with cryo-
cooling,  electron  microscopes,  high-field  NMR and an
extensive cluster of workstations for molecular graphics
and crystallographic computing.

A Ph.D. in  biochemistry, biology, or  related field is
required, and  applicants  with a strong  background in
molecular biology, protein biochemistry protein crystal-
lography are particularly encouraged.

Salary will  be on the  scale for Research  Staff Grade 1A 
(GBP 15,159-22,2785 p.a.) according to relevant experience.
Application forms  and further particulars may be obtained

Dr. J.Jaeger, Biochemistry and  Molecular Biology,
The University of  Leeds,       Leeds LS29JT
Email: jj at       tel: +44 (113) 2333031

The University of Leeds promotes an Equal Opportunities Policy.
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