getting molscript

Tom Walsh tpwalsh at
Wed Jul 23 07:51:26 EST 1997

 I got Molscript 1.4 from Per Kraulis back in January. The contact details he
gave at the end of his e-mail were:

Per Kraulis, Ph.D.              
Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc          fax:   +46 (8) 695 40 82
PPC Sweden Research, N62:5      e-mail: krpx at
S-112 87 Stockholm                 or   p.j.kraulis at
SWEDEN                             or   molscript at

  Hope this is of some use.

      Tom Walsh

In article <33D4FEAE.2781 at>,
john gately <jgluz at MAIL.MED.CORNELL.EDU> wrote:
>Folks--I am trying to get ahold of Molscript; however, all the on line
>documentation seems out of date.  I mailed in the licenses, but
>apparently the on-line address I have is wrong, as well as the email for
>Dr. Kraulis.--John

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