Dave Schuller schuller at
Mon Jun 2 12:23:45 EST 1997

The Tom Poulos lab at the University of California-Irvine has moved
to a different building on the UCI campus.  This required a change in
our network addresses.

Software available via ftp, including the "PDB Pipeline", is now on host .  Use login name "anonymous", and for the password
use your bankcard PIN.

If you have an e-mail address for a lab member at host name (N= 1-4), change it to .
Our generic campus e-mail pointers, e.g. schuller at,  should
track with the move (and are thus preferable).  Mail directed to the
old specific hosts is supposed to be automatically re-directed
to the new subnet, but I wouldn't wager any large sums on this working,
especially in the long term.

"success in research is a haphazard business, and great discoveries are
not always made by great thinkers.  Some are made by skilled craftsmen,
some by observant watchmen, and some even by prosaic people doing a
regular job because they are paid for it."  - Max Perutz
                        Dave Schuller
                        modern man in a post-modern world
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