DIP Users Group

Mark A. White, Ph.D. white at bloch.utmb.edu
Tue Jun 10 15:29:48 EST 1997

We have set up a MAC Science/Nonius DIP Users Group Web page and email
exploder at the following URL:


Please check it out and let us know your opinions.  All DIP users are
wellcome to join.  Email links are only included with the users
permission.  If we have missed anyone, or misspelled your name please
let us know.

Mark A. White, Ph.D.					Tel: 
Sealy Center for Structural Biology			(409) 747-4747
Dept. of Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics		Fax: 
Basic Science Building, Room 635C			(409) 747-4745
University of Texas Medical Branch			email:
Galveston, TX 77555-0647			white at bloch.utmb.edu

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