Preserving XPLOR Environment in a Reboot

Yoram Puius puius at
Mon Mar 3 17:59:19 EST 1997

Steffen Graether wrote:
>         We currently running an XPLOR session that could last several
> days. If we need to reboot the computer in that time (I don't want to,
> but you never know), is there  any way I can have the session continue
> where it left off?
> Many thanks,
> Steffen
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That depends on what kind of job it is.  Obviously, the current job
running will be lost if it reboots, but I assume you're looking for
a way to have restartable jobs in future X-PLOR runs.

I have code (from Steve Roderick) for a slowcool which will write out
a temporary file at 500 degree steps -- if it stops, I just use the
most recent temp file starting at whatever the temperature was when
the machine crashed.  This idea can be adapted to most long X-PLOR jobs,
I think.

If you want the code, or help on how to adapt
it to your particular job, write me.

	- Y

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