FINDNCS: A program which finds out NCS from heavy atom sites

Guoguang Lu guoguang at
Tue Oct 7 15:37:48 EST 1997

Hi, everyone

Now it is possible to find out NCS operations from heavy atom sites 
automatically by the new program FINDNCS in order which can help
averaging technique in the MIR. The program outputs the NCS operations
rotation matrix and translation vector), RMS, polar angles and screw 
distance, matching sites and other useful information for users. 
Optinally, the program can also generate some files so that NCS 
operations can be displayed by the O program automatically.

The program is designed for any space group. FTP of excutable code for
EC-alpha and SGI 5.x is available at 

A preliminary version of FINDNCS document is at

Test examples, comments and questions, and bug report are very welcome.

have fun


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