CCD detectors and x-ray focusing

Eddie Snell eddie.snell at
Wed Oct 8 10:51:40 EST 1997

Dave Levitt wrote:
> 2. I have heard a rumor about an amazing new x-ray focusing
>     apparatus designed with NASA money for the space station that
>     is now being marketed for ground based used. It is claimed to
>      increase x-ray intensity 10 fold!!
>     Any truth to this?  If so, where do I get one?

I'll answer the second question, no its not a rumor. Bede Scientific
in Durham, England have been developing a low power source using
specular micromirrors to produce a very nice high intenstiy beam
with less divergence than the typical source. The space station
interest comes from the low power requirements. Bede have exhibited
this device at the ACA in St. Louis and I believe also in Denver
quite recently. For full details a useful email address is
"microsource at".

The development for space station application is being handled by
the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Hopefully they will also
post some more detailed information.

Eddie Snell

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