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stzartos at compulink.gr stzartos at compulink.gr
Thu Oct 23 06:38:32 EST 1997

The Department of Biochemistry of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute of
Athens  invites applications in the frame of a Career Development
Program of the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology
(GSRT) for an Associate Scientist to work on "X-ray crystallography of
proteins and protein complexes". 
The successful applicant will receive support for 3+1 years including a
Ph.D. student, consumables and travel expenses. Candidates must be Greek
speaking young researchers who have been working for at least two years
in a post-doctoral, or similar, position abroad. The suitably qualified
scientist, in collaboration with us, will subsequently submit a specific
research proposal to the GSRT by the 28th of November 1997.  More
detailes may be obtained from

Interested scientists should contact as soon as possible Dr. Socrates
Tzartos, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, 127 Vas. Sofias Ave., Athens 11521,
Greece. Tel+Fax +301-6457831, or tel. -6430044, Fax -6423498 or by

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