Steven Ness sness at FIX.TIN.DOMAIN
Thu Oct 23 23:36:26 EST 1997

lindy at BENDNET.COM wrote:
: With all the talk last week about Linux machines, I was wondering 
: what flavors of Linux you folks are using.  I remember seeing Redhat 
: mentioned, any others?

I'm using Slackware 3.2, and really like it.  I've heard Redhat is good
as well, and supposedly easier to install.  Either way, you can get a
fantastic UN*X machine for quite cheap.

And with the new 3D accelerators under Mesa, like the Voodoo Rush, within
a year or so, we'll have a fantastic 3D platform as well.  For now, XtalView
runs really nicely on my Linux box.

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