ANNOUNCE: MOLMOL 2.5 (Molecule Display and Analysis)

Reto Koradi kor at
Wed Oct 29 07:23:22 EST 1997

Andrew Z. Patrzalek wrote:
> What versions of UNIX. I assume these are only binaries, do you
> have a version for ix86 Linux?

Binaries are available for SGI (IRIX 5.3 and 6.2), Linux (ELF format),
Sun (Solaris 2.4), IBM (AIX 3.2) and Digital Alpha (Digital UNIX V3.2).
Source code is also available for download, and should compile quite
easily on other UNIX versions. I know that it has been done for HP and
for SCO on PCs.
Reto Koradi (kor at,

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