Chem-Ray Homepage

Joseph W. Lauher lauher at
Wed Sep 17 06:45:07 EST 1997

A new homepage for my Chem-Ray molecular graphics program is now 
available for viewing.  The Chem-Ray Homepage includes full instructions
for the new Chem-Ray for Windows program, a downloadable demo version
of the program and the Chem-Ray Molecular Alphabet.

The Chem-Ray Molecular Alphabet is a collection of twenty six pictures
created with Chem-Ray illustrating its various modes.  It ranges from "A
is for annullene" to "Z is for Zinc Sulphide."  

What was the hardest letter you ask? That was J.  How many important
molecules can you name that begin with the letter J?  

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.


Professor Joseph W. Lauher
Department of Chemistry
State University of New York
Stony Brook, New York 11794

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