Parallel Xplor?

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Thu Sep 18 09:14:55 EST 1997

Steffen Graether wrote:
> Steffen Graether (steffen at crystal) wrote:
> : I was wondering what the latest status is on a parallel version of xplor.
> : Is there any possibility in volunteering for testing of such a version?
> Arrrgghh. I forgot to also ask: has anyone tried compiling xplor with a
> compiler that 'parallelizes' programmes for you?
> Steffen
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My experience (about one year ago) with X-PLOR 3.1f on a SGI
PowerChallenge with 10 R8000 processors is that parallelizing is not
worth it, if only the (IRIX 6.0.1 Power Fortran's) compiler's built-in
intelligence is used. The CPU time went down a little if more than 1
processor was used, but the wall clock time was always longer, maybe
because I didn't have the machine for me alone )-:!

If you are willing to insert compiler directives it might be a different

I plan to repeat the experiment with X-PLOR 3.8 on a 2-processor Octane.
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