Truncated VOIDOO cavity plots

Yoram Puius puius at
Tue Sep 23 12:45:05 EST 1997

Hi all,

I just want to be sure this is me, or an actual problem that someone
else has experienced.  This may not be a bug, just maybe a limitation
of my own software configuration.

I am running VOIDOO Version  - 960415/3.1.1.  When I generate
plot files of cavities, they are truncated at weird places, mostly
as flat planes along the Y direction.  This is using O version 5.10
on an SGI Crimson R4000.

This happens whether I'm using NEWEZD or EZD output, or the ODL
objects with dots or with lines connecting surface points.  Am
I doing something wrong, or what?

I'm assuming the calculations are still valid, though.


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