Research Scientist Positions in Synchrotron Radiation

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Mon Sep 22 01:22:17 EST 1997

		(Three-year term appointment)


		  $48,904  -  $58,259

The Australian Synchrotron Research Program (ASRP) provides Australian 
researchers with access to state-of-the-art synchrotron radiation research 
capabilities at overseas synchrotron light source facilities.  These are the 
Australian National Beamline Facility (ANBF) at the Photon Factory, Tsukuba 
Science City, Japan, and the Advanced Photon Source, at the Argonne National 
Laboratory in Chicago, USA.  The ASRP was funded for five years under 
the Major National Research Facilities program.

The appointees will be members of the staff of ANSTO, which is the managing 
agent for the ASRP.  Three positions from the four below are available to 
work for the ASRP at the three Collaborative Access Teams (CATs) at the APS, 
and the fourth at the ANBF in Japan.  The appointees will be based overseas.

The Australian National Beamline Facility has been operating at the Photon 
Factory, Tsukuba, Japan, since 1993.  It has facilities for a wide range of 
X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy experiments.  The successful applicant 
will be responsible for assisting Australian scientists in their experimental 
programs and the development and day to day operation of the ANBF.  In addition
the successful applicant will be expected to develop a personal research 
program using the ANBF facilities.  A PhD or equivalent in science or 
materials science is required.  Experience in synchrotron radiation research 
and/or instrumentation, and X-ray diffraction techniques would be an 
advantage.  A knowledge of Japanese would be helpful but is not essential.
The BioCARS CAT is building three beamlines at the APS dedicated to 
structural investigations of biological macromolecules by X-ray diffraction. 
The successful applicant will have a PhD or equivalent in science, with 
experience in single-crystal diffraction from macromolecules and/or 
synchrotron radiation an advantage.  Programming experience with C++ on unix 
and Windows NT platforms is also required.  The main responsibilities will 
be the development of data collection and analysis software, as well as 
participation in research using the BioCARS facilities, and interaction 
with Australian users of the facilities.
The ChemMatCARS CAT is building a single beamline at the APS dedicated to 
X-ray diffraction and scattering structural and dynamic condensed matter 
chemistry and materials research.  The successful candidate will be a member 
of the team constructing and commissioning the beamline.  Subsequently the 
candidate will be expected to interact with the Australian users of the 
facility, and to develop a personal research program in an area utilising 
synchrotron radiation.  The successful applicant will have a PhD or 
equivalent in science or materials science.  Experience in X-ray diffraction 
techniques, and synchrotron radiation research and instrumentation would be 
an advantage.

The Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation CAT operates 7 beamlines at the 
APS and is dedicated to the development of novel and strategic instrument-
ation programs to open up new research areas.  These include X-ray micro-
beam techniques, time resolved spectroscopy, high resolution scattering 
and soft X-ray techniques.  The successful candidate will be expected to 
interact with Australian users of the SRI-CAT facility, and to develop a 
personal research program using these facilities.  A PhD or equivalent is 
required.  Experience in X-ray diffraction or spectroscopy techniques, 
synchrotron radiation research and/or instrumentation would be an advantage.

The positions are for a term of three years.  There is a possibility of 
extension beyond the third year.

Applicants should preferably have Australian citizenship or have Australian 
residency status.

Applicants should indicate in their application if they wish to be considered 
for more than one of the above positions.

Further information about these positions may be obtained from Dr Richard 
Garrett on tel: (02) 9717 3657 or email: garrett at  Selection 
criteria can be obtained by contacting Ms Margaret Edmondson on 
tel: (02) 9717 9012 or fax: (02) 9717 9265 or email: mae at

Applications should be forwarded to Ms Margaret Edmondson, ASRP Administrator, 
Bldg 16, ANSTO, Private Mailbag 1, Menai NSW, 2234.

Applications Close - 17 October 1997.

ANSTO is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Smoking in the Workplace is Prohibited.

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