Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Synchrotron Radiation

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The Australian Synchrotron Research Program has been established under the 
Major National Research Facilities Scheme. This program provides access for 
Australian scientists to the Advanced Photon Source, a third generation 
synchrotron light source at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, USA, 
and to the Photon Factory, a second generation synchrotron source at the KEK 
laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. 

The ASRP has initiated a number of research fellowships with the aim of 
fostering Australian expertise in synchrotron-based science. We seek bright 
and enthusiastic young scientists who have recently received, or are about to 
receive, a PhD in a relevant area of science and who wish to pursue their 
career in a field requiring synchrotron radiation facilities. 

Each ASRP Fellow will be attached to a research group at one of the member 
institutions.  The eligible institutions are: the Australian National 
University, ANSTO, CSIRO, Monash University, the University of Melbourne, the 
University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland, and the 
University of Sydney.  Applicants are required to submit a description of 
the research they propose to pursue during their tenure as an ASRP Fellow. 
It is expected that the research program will require extensive use of the 
ASRP facilities in either Japan or the USA. The proposal should be formulated 
in consultation with the sponsoring research group.

The fellowships will be tenable for up to three years.  The salary will be up 
to $45,000 depending on the experience of the applicant.  The fellowship also 
includes an annual research grant.  At this stage we anticipate offering two 
fellowships in 1998. 

Applications close on November 15 1997.  Application forms, information and 
other particulars are available from: 

	Ms Margaret Edmondson, ASRP Secretariat,
	Building 16
	Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre
	Private Mail Bag 1
	Menai, NSW, 2234

For further information, please contact Dr. John Boldeman, ASRP Facility 
Director at the above address, email: jwb at or ph: (02) 9717 3206 
or consult our WWW page at:

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