Interest in protein crystallography literature

perozzo perozzo at NRL.NAVY.MIL
Mon Sep 29 13:18:30 EST 1997

| On 24 Sep 1997, Firstpack wrote:
| > Hello, I was wondering if any subscribers could refer me to some
literature for
| > people who have no experience in crystallography, but wish to acquire a
| > firm theoretical knowledge of this field as it applies to the
| > and functional analysis of proteins.  Your assistance would be greatly
| > appreciated.  
| > Thanks,
| > 
| > Nathan A Rushing 
| For a more in-depth from the beginning book, there's one edited by C 
| Giacovazzo which is truly excellent, but I forget the title. It was 
| published about 4 or 5 years ago by Oxford University Press/International

| Union of Crystallography...
Fundamentals of Crystallography, C. Giacovazzo, ed., Oxford, 1992,  
covers many areas of crystallography in depth, and is a great resource.

For the theory and practice of protein crystallography for a beginner, I
would also recommend two books:

Principles of Protein X-ray Crystallography, Jan Drenth, Springer-Verlag,

Crystallography Made Crystal Clear, Gale Rhodes, Academic, 1993.

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