non-pro cis peptide bond

Wed Apr 8 07:57:34 EST 1998


May be not in the native form, but take a look at the following
article from Franz Schmid's group at Bayreuth.

Odefey C; Mayr LM; Schmid FX.
Non-prolyl cis-trans peptide bond isomerization as a rate-determining
step in protein unfolding and refolding.
Journal of Molecular Biology, 1995 Jan 6, 245(1):69-78.

In wild-type ribonuclease T1 the peptide bond between Tyr38 and Pro39
is in the cis conformation. When Pro39 is replaced by an alanine this cis
conformation is retained, and a non-prolyl cis Tyr38-Ala39 peptide bond is


{*} RNAse T1 does not contain non X-Pro cis-peptide bonds.
{*} It does contain a number of X-Pro cis-peptide bonds. 
{*} All legume lectins contain an Ala-Asp cis-peptide bond. 
{*} Arcelin contains an Ala-Tyr cis-peptide bond. Concanavalin B
{*} also has one. 
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