wanted: Micro crystalls

Daniel Gembris med050 at aix.zam.kfa-juelich.de
Wed Apr 8 04:02:34 EST 1998


for a medical application we are looking out for crystals
with the following proprties:
- the shape should roughly be cubic
- the edge length should be 100um or less
- the crystals should resonate when rf-fields with
  a frequency of approx. 63MHz are applied
  (not to narrow my search too much I don't require
  a certain width of the resonance curve at the moment).
- they have to  be bio-compatible 
  (an injection into the blood stream is required)

Does anybody now whether these crystalls can exist in
principle, if they exist in reality and if yes where we can get them ?
We would need larger numbers of these crystals (>>100).
References to relevant publications are also welcome.

I will be thankful for every response I get.

Daniel Gembris
d.gembris at fz-juelich.de

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