Announcement: Structure Prediction Euroconference

Tim Hubbard th at
Thu Apr 9 09:11:25 EST 1998

ISI - Institute for Scientific Interchange foundation


Torino - Villa Gualino, June 8-20, 1998

Scientific Program

The conference is addressed to young scientists from different
backgrounds (physics, biochemistry, biology, genetics, chemistry) and
a strong interest in the fields of protein function and structure
prediction, and folding simulations. These subjects are of outstanding
interest for the development of biotechnologies and for progress in
pharmaceutical and medical sciences.  The purpose of the conference is
to inform the participants of the latest developments in these rapidly
evolving and interdisciplinary fields and to provide them with an
overview of the many facets of the underlying theoretical issues and
experimental techniques.


R. Bazzo, M. Bolognesi, C. Chothia, M. Delarue, E. Domany, S. Fuller, T.
Gibson, P. Grassberger, T. Hubbard, D. Jones, A. M. Lesk, A. Maritan, H.
Orland, C. Peterson, D. Rizzi, C. Sander, L. Serrano, E. Shakhnovich, M. Sippl,
A Tramontano, G. Vriend.


About 35 grants will be available for European Scientists under
35. Specific forms for application (to be found at have to be sent by e-mail or
fax to the ISI Foundation by April 20. A selection will be made on the
basis of the EU criteria.

Organising Committee

E. Domany, (Weizman Inst., Israel), H. Orland (CEA, Saclay),
C. Peterson (Lund, Sweden), A. Tramontano (IRBM, Rome)

Support Team

P. Bruscolini, V. Morea


ISI, Villa Gualino, Viale Settimio Severo 65,
10133 Torino, Italy
Phone: +39 11 6603090
Fax: +39 11 6600049
E-mail: isi at

This conference is supported by the European Community


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