Space Group H3

Mon Apr 20 10:57:52 EST 1998

Hi Suhail:

Please take a look at p. 808 of International Tables For Crystallography
Vol. A (Space group Symmetry), c. 1989.

Back in 1935 it appears that H32 and its variants were used.

Current symbols:

H32 or H321   =  P312
H312 or H3121    =  P3112

They correspond to the HEXAGONAL setting.

R3 and variants corespond to the rhombohedral setting which is a special
case of hexagonal.  

Best regards

{*} Could someone please help me clarify a space group
{*} which I cannot identify within the International
{*} Tables. A number of PDB files (e.g. 1xda) give the space group
{*} as being H3. The symmetry operators and cell parameters
{*} resemble R3. Is H3 a variant ?
{*} Thanks
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