Bruker AXS Users Mailing List

Steven Geib geib+ at
Wed Apr 22 09:07:03 EST 1998

       We wish to announce the formation of the Bruker AXS Users Mailing

Bruker AXS 4-circle diffractometer and SHELXTL Users Mailing List.
This list is created for the exchange of information about Bruker AXS
Siemens and Nicolet) 4-circle diffractometers as well as the SHELXTL
package for the determination of crystal structures.  This list is open
only to current users of Bruker/Siemens/Nicolet diffractometers and/or
SHELXTL software.

To subscribe, send
the command  "subscribe bruker-axs-users"  to majordomo at

Steven J. Geib
Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
E-mail:  geib+ at

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