Philip Gonzales gonzales at musictech.com
Mon Apr 27 01:26:25 EST 1998

Thank you for the response.  I realize that the answer to my question is

not a simple one.  What I am looking for is any individual frequency or
band of frequencies that could be identified as resonant frequencies of
of the components of human hormones.
I am experimenting with alternate tuning systems for strings, as well as

creating synthesized timbres that may be structured as if such crystals
vibrated in the natural harmonic series of the audible fundamentals in
Any source material would be appreciated.

Again, thanks for the help.
Philip Gonzales
gonzales at musictech.com

Eddy Arnold wrote:

> Philip Gonzales wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> > I have a unique request.  I am a composer, and would like to find
> > information on the frequencies of vibration of the crystalline
> > structures of human hormones.  I have some background in the
> > so would appreciate any pointers toward such information, including
> > scholarly papers that are on the Internet.
> > Thank you in advance,
> > Philip Gonzales
> > gonzales at musictech.com
> Hi,
> I am not sure what you mean by "vibration frequencies of crystalline
> structures of human hormones".  Some crystal structures of human
> hormones have been determined, but these are protein structures of
> considerable complexity.  What types of vibration frequencies are you
> looking for?  I work in crystallography, and am a porfessor of
> at Rutgers University.  I am also a composer.
> Eddy Arnold

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