Crystallizatio help?

Joe Krahn krahn at
Sun Aug 2 10:11:01 EST 1998

Going from protein mess to crystal is the ultimate "age old" protein
crystallography question.  The vast complexity of protein surfaces means
that there is no single useful protocol.  If crystallization does not
occur easily (i.e. Hampton Crystal Screens) then you're generally on
your own, because there's no easy answer.  However, you can try various
additives like small amounts of alcohols or very small amounts of
detergent, changing temperatures (try more than just 4 or 20C.  Even -4C
can be useful.  You can also try to improve the sample homogeneity by
better purity or homogeneity of counterions, or just modify the protein
a little.  If this domain is a proteolytic fragment, you can try
expressing a clone to ensure singular terminii, and you can also try
changing where the domain linker region is cut.

Joe Krahn

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