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Mon Aug 10 05:19:16 EST 1998

---------- Second Announcement ----------

The Bruker-AXS GmbH cordially invites you to the following workshop, which
will be held as a satellite meeting accompanying the 6th EPDIC conference

"A New Fundamental Parameters Approach in Profile Analysis of Powder Data"

Dr. A. Kern, Dr. A. Coelho, Dr. T. Taut


The topics to be discussed are:
1. Possibilities and limits of recent profile analysis techniques
2. Fundamental parameter approach vs. conventional fitting techniques
    a) Principles & core mathematics
    b) Generation of line profiles
    c) Emission profile, instrument characterisation, sample contributions 
3. STANDARDLESS real structure analysis (crystallite size, microstrain,
absorption, ...)
4. Instrument characterisation (axial divergence, horizontal divergence or
flat specimen, slit dimensions, ...)
5. Use of any parameter couplings and of any constraints (linear and
6. "How many peaks are there?"
7. Instrument alignment aspects
8. Software


Monday, 24. August, 16:30 - 18:30.

Workshop language is ENGLISH.
Participation is free.

Please register at the Bruker-AXS booth.


For further information please contact:

Dr. Arnt Kern
Bruker-AXS GmbH
Oestliche Rheinbrueckenstr. 50
D-76181 Karlsruhe

Fax:      ++49-721-595-6693
EMail:   Arnt.Kern at

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