Postdoctoral positional in immunological crystallography

Yoram Puius puius at
Wed Aug 12 09:36:04 EST 1998

My colleague here at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Stanley
Nathenson and I are interested in sponsoring the training of a
post-doctoral fellow who has extensive background in Structural Biology
Immunology, and wants to broaden their knowledge in the area of
Immunology.  Stan Nathenson's laboratory has studied for many years the
structural basis of MHC antigen presentation and has in the past pursued
collaborative crystallographic studies to obtain the details of such
interactions at atomic resolution.  We are currently pursuing studies on
molecules of the T cell that are involved in T cell recognition directed
at understanding the rules by which the T cell receptor molecules
with the peptide bound in the MHC molecule.  Immunobiological studies
carried out in Dr. Nathenson's laboratory defining important residues
such recognition imply certain features of the loop of the CDR3beta
transgenic mice.  Studies are being carried out with a second set of
transgenic mice to examine the CD3alpha interactions.  We are also
focusing on the structural and biological evaluation of the
molecules involved in modulating T-cell activation.  Additionally, we
recently initiated a program to examine molecules involved in immune
evasion by viruses.  The training for the candidate would be to expand
their knowledge of immunology with the intent of using X-ray
crystallography to solve important problems in the immune response,
tolerance, autoimmunity and cancer immunology.  We have an outstanding
program in Structural Biology, including extensive and consistent access
to a protein crystallography beam line at the nearby Brookhaven National
Laboratory which is managed by the College of Medicine. 

Please direct inquiries to
Steve Almo
Dept. of Biochemistry
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461

(718)  430-2746 Phone
(718)  430-8565 FAX
almo at

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