dynamic light scattering and protein crystallization - how useful really?

Peter Metcalf peter.metcalf at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Aug 25 19:22:38 EST 1998


We are considering purchasing equipment to do dynamic light
scattering experiments with protein samples prior to crystallization
trials. We like the idea and have read papers saying the method
is practical, useful and improves efficiency of protein

We would like some feedback from people who have bought
dynamic light scattering equipment (e.g. the DynaPro instrument
from Protein Solutions Inc).

We want to know if the equipment is really used routinely - or is it
now gathering dust in the crystallization room? 

Do people measure only protein in 'storage buffer' or does one
measure samples under crystallization conditions (i.e. with
precipitant)? Does one dilute samples before measurement?

Was there an initial phase of enthusiasm after buying the equipment
followed by a realization that one can find out if a protein sample is
aggregated and a 'non-starter' for  crystal trials by easier methods
than dynamic light scattering?

Any feedback, reports of problems, advice on models etc would
be very welcome.


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